Your Seven Day Mindfulness Journey starts now!

Are you searching for a way to connect with the present moment, break the cycle of unhelpful thought patterns, and increase clarity? Need a simple explanation of Mindfulness and easy ways to apply it to your busy life?


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Join Kelly Spartonos, therapist and mindfulness coach with You in Focus Consulting, on a FREE seven-day exploration of mindful living. Each day you will receive a guided mindfulness exercise in a short but effective video!

Mindfulness isn’t just a trendy topic, it’s a way of living and a well-researched tool proven to help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and depression, boost memory, enhance insight, increase focus, improve relationship satisfaction, and decrease the experience of physical pain! During this FREE seven-day mindfulness practice you’ll be guided to try a variety of mindfulness tools—from mastering breathing techniques to journaling. Are you in?