You in Focus is a collaborative partnership providing coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses looking to elevate their professional brands and their personal well-being.

The company was born out of the powerful success of its founders James Patrick, a professional photographer and award-winning marketer, and Kelly Spartonos, a clinical social worker and mindfulness coach.

The mission of You in Focus is to overcome surface fears and doubts by placing your intentions in clear focus.

Kelly and James develop a tailored approach, providing valuable information, expertise and strategies so that you may envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary success in life and in business.

As the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability.

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Kelly Spartonos, LCSW, BHP

LCSW, BHP, Licensed Therapist & Wellness Coach

Kelly is an experienced transformational coach whose practice is enhanced through her roots as a trained psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker and behavioral health professional. She specializes in teaching mindfulness, developing healthy relationships, strengthening communication, overcoming addictions and navigating times of crisis and transition with ease. Kelly is an advocate of self-love and the beautiful shifts in experience that properly set intentions can create. If you are feeling tired, defeated, stuck or overwhelmed by the demands of work, life or family, she would love to help you connect with your inner guidance and reach a state of both peace and prosperity.

Kelly enjoys hiking with James and their golden doodle Wrigley, green juice and has had a lifelong affinity for running. She usually travels with no less than two books at a time and collects beautiful journals to record her experiences.

James Patrick, ACS, ALB

ACG, ALB, Marketing & Branding Consultant

James is an internationally published photographer and award-winning marketer with more than 15 years of experience in personal and professional brand development. As a public speaker he has presented on marketing and business enhancement strategies coast to coast throughout the United States to numerous trade organizations. James has published many marketing-related articles, recorded more than a hundred podcasts, authored two e-books and created an annual educational conference that attracts hundreds of attendees seeking guidance on how to establish, market and profit from their brand. If you are seeking guidance on developing the story of your brand, marketing strategy and implementation or the myriad of entrepreneurial endeavors, he would love to connect so you can successful move forward.

James enjoys campy movies, Chicago sports, exploring Arizona campgrounds with Kelly and challenging himself to make the best steaks and burgers possible. When he is not working, James will still travel with his camera to experiment with different types of photos.

You in Focus offers the following services to prospective clients.

  • Individual coaching sessions and packages
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Online courses and training modules
  • Special event appearances
  • And more!

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