Kelly Spartonos, LCSW

I am extremely excited for our brand new You in Focus logo, and this excitement is multifaced!

What this logo symbolizes, this business becoming a reality, makes my heart swell. It’s been an intention of mine since before graduate school to have my own practice helping people to connect with their insight and achieve mental wellness! I’ve had so many doubts, fears, and challenges along the road and will likely continue to face them but I feel extremely blessed to have this calling to serve others, and am proud I didn’t lose sight of this calling and kept the faith! When I look at this logo I am also so grateful to have met a likeminded partner both in life and business! James’ business and marketing consulting practice is a true testimony to his love of his work, and his gift of empowering others to overcome their fears, understand the market, and succeed! I have always told him he has a knack for reading people, and was already consulting and coaching friends and clients and I love that we can spread our message of empowerment and growth together.

The actual logo itself represents so much to me! After meeting a few times and discussing my vision for it James texted me telling me he took a risk and came up with something totally different.  I suspended my type-A controlling tendencies and became excited to see his creative idea. Over coffee he showed me something creative he had designed in playing with our initials (a J and a K) and managed to fit them together in an abstract way. I literally welled up with tears seeing these sketches as a sign. First of all, it is so meaningful to me that my partner would think of something sweet like that – a subtle way to show this business is rooted in our connection as partners.  And also- it was one of those MANY signs from the universe that I was on the right path! Our symbol is an example of the Gestalt concept of figure-ground organization, (google face-vase and you will see the classic example) where the brain can either see the case of our logo, the letter K linked with a J…  or a large droplet and three smaller droplets, or switch back and forth between seeing both.

Now James had NO idea that in undergrad I totally geeked-out about this concept during my cognitive psychology course and wrote a paper on the topic that received some of the best feedback from a professor I’d ever get!  These figure- ground reversals informed researchers 100 years ago how the dynamics of the brain work- especially the brain and the visual field connecting! So, our logo on top of counseling our linked initials is an example of how the brain and the visual connect- perfect for a brand that addresses mental wellness and visual marketing!!!

I am so proud to post this new logo on our website, social media, and business cards because of the intentions behind it.  What symbols, logos, or photos speak to you about your business or represent something about your story? I would love to hear in the comments! Also- let us know- you do see the J and the K or the petals?