Earlier this month I hosted a mindfulness workshop that focused on creating space for self-care this holiday season. As I write this, it’s the thick of the holiday season. A time often filled with many joyous, but busy, events that often must be balanced with work, school and other less joyous events (ever stood in line at a post office this time of year- a real opportunity to practice some mindfulness).

Often times self-care is the first thing to be crossed off the to-do list in busy times. We might feel guilty for daring to take a few moments for ourselves when gifts need to be wrapped (or purchased- no judgement here last min shoppers), food prepared, year-end fiscal reports prepared, parties attended, and don’t forget deciding if you should feel guilty for not sensing a Christmas card to the long-lost college friend who somehow has your address and the wherewithal to send these beautiful cards.

This is where, in the past, I’ve let go of myself care practice and watched it slip away- choosing sweets, tv, caffeine social media, or some other form of distraction myself and keep myself going.  It is SO EASY to do especially this time of year where it’s encouraged, the Christmas specials usually paint adults as these frazzled creatures who have lost their childhood JOY.  And, if you are like me- once you step away from your healthy habits, whether they be exercise, meditation, juicing, journaling, etc, it becomes difficult to tap back in. That pesky guilt feeling which has NO business in the realm of self-care can start to build a chasm between yourself and your healthy habits between now and New Year’s.

This year- I’m encouraging myself and my clients to adopt a gentle approach to self-care this season. While it may not be the full version of the activity you enjoy doing mindfully doing something, anything for yourself for a few moments a day will amp up your comfort and joy and increase your present moment awareness of all the wonder of the holidays! Try taking a few moments each day to breathe, inhaling fully through your nose and exhaling fully through your mouth. Consider journaling even just a paragraph a day, or taking a few moments to appreciate the beautiful lights of the Christmas tree, Menorah, NYE fireworks, or fireplace.

Notice how taking literally just a few moments for yourself allows you to give more of yourself to others!

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Wishing you all comfort and joy this holiday season!