The inspiration behind our first LAUNCH series was straightforward – help a group of fitness enthusiasts take their idea and turn it into a reality. We began the 6-part program with asking the participants a single question:

“In less than two months, when you launch, how will your life be different?”

No one could have forecasted how much their life would change, how much confidence they would gain, and the new areas this journey would take them.

Through the course the participants worked with each other as well as through our guidance to formulate their idea into a story, to overcome all the fears and barriers that surfaced, to finally get all the legwork completed to prep for the upcoming launch, to develop their client avatars, to strategize a realistic marketing game plan and finally, of course, to launch their idea into the marketplace.

What further surprised the participants was the realization of all the things they did not need to launch. They did not need a marketing or business degree, they did not need an investor or an unlimited pool of capitol, they did not need experience in launching something previously, nor did they need some pre-ordained confidence to encourage them.

All the members of the group needed to launch was an idea, unrelenting passion for that idea and a community to help guide them through whatever obstacles that had stopped them previously.

And, as promised, in less than two months they each had the opportunity to LAUNCH their idea into the marketplace. For many of them, this was the first opportunity they had to turn pro, to have a continuous dedication of their emotional labor triumph over fear, to ship before they felt ready.

We are so grateful for all those who took part in our first LAUNCH series and could not be more proud of how each of them have worked to becoming unavoidable and unstoppable.

James Patrick